Measurement of the 7p ^2 P ^o 3/2 State Branching Fractions in Ra^+

M. Fan, C. A. Holliman, S. G. Porsev, M. S. Safronova, A. M. Jayich 2019. PRA 100, 062504 (2019)


We report a measurement of the radium ion's 7p 2 P o 3/2 state branching fractions and improved theoretical calculations. With a single laser-cooled radium-226 ion we measure the P3/2 branching fractions to the 7s 2 S 1/2 ground state 0.87678(20), the 6d 2 D5/2 state 0.10759(10), and the 6d 2 D 3/2 state 0.01563(21).