Craig Holliman’s paper has come out in PRA. In this work Craig has realized the first driving of 3 transitions in any radium isotope, including the narrow (1 Hz) linewidth S1/2 → D5/2 optical clock transition. The radium ion is a very appealing clock candidate, the high mass is favorable because it simply moves less compared to other lighter elements in response to unwanted forces. It also has very photontic technology compatible wavelengths, the furthest in the blue is at a modest 468 nm, which can be generated directly from a diode laser. The other wavelengths for making an optical clock, 728 nm, 1079 nm and 802 nm, are similarly straightforward to generate from laser diodes. In addition to driving the clock transition Craig also drove the other narrow quadrupole transition from the ground state to the D3/2 state at 828 nm. We are now planning to pursue coherent control of the clock transition with a laser stabilized to a high finesse optical cavity.